New QSL Card

I just recently completed the design of my new QSL card.  With the new QTH, I needed to update my card with all the new information. I have several people waiting on one...but it takes time to come up with a good idea.  And I have been thinking about what kind of card I would like to have...and one day the inspiration came to me. 

   The main picture is a photo of my QTH with USA & TX flags hanging from the front. You can see the vertical antenna just off to the left of the house. It also includes an inset of me at the radio. I think this adds a nice touch to the card. The back side has a post card format with room for remarks. I designed the card using GIMP software on my computer, and my digital camera for pictures.  

I have sent it off to the QSL printer ( 

                -- Peter (KB5HPL)

Made possible by the Pioneer Design Group